Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me again..

My flu is getting better, I went back to work yesterday :)
I am behind on bills and am feeling a bit overwhelmed, I plan on going to back to some of the basics with online money making. I have another blog which goes into pretty big detail about my online money making adventures but I will also post the basics here.

Cash Crate

Cash crate has been my most reliable money making. They mail a check to your home once a month once you meet $20. I have been getting a check from them every month for over a year now.
You just basically fill out online forms, I personally would recommend avoiding anything that involves giving out your credit card or too much personal information that you do not feel comfortable with. Never give out your banking information, neither.

There is more of that on my other blog.. :) But I will post on here later. :)

Thanks for giving this blog a look!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still fighting the flu today.. my anxiety about going back to work continues. I am considering going in for the afternoon but am not sure if that is a good idea. I already got in trouble for not doing my best at work, should I go in when my strength is still down?
Is it normal for people to be scared of their jobs? I wonder if I am the only one.. I know I am not the only one at my office who is scared though I would never, ever admit it to them.
I looked at classes yesterday for my local community college. But can I afford it? Do I qualify for loans? Which career path should I chose? Should I further myself where I am now or should I follow my heart and go to the path I wanted to back in high school? Can I handle a pay cut? Can I handle losing my benefits and health insurance?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Entry # 1

View my other blog for legit ways to make money online! I only posted stuff that I tried and it worked!

Now, on to this blog...
I am home sick today from work. I spent all day in bed watching e! and loving it.. this flu has been around for two weeks and I am starting to wonder if it will ever go away..
I am a bit worried about calling out from work. I was in a bit of trouble on Friday for not finishing up everything, my job always has me quite worried.. I think after five years I am beginning to get burned out, though my family says that is impossible.
I am bored, broke and sick of my job. Yet it is a very stable job, very good benefits and vacation, etc. That is important.. this economy is no time to start looking for a new job. Yet I feel like it's time to move on. Go back to school, I have heard of adults doing this.. but I can barely make ends meet now. Can this be done? I will try.. and this blog will detail me working for the life I feel as though I was meant to have.