Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things were looking up, than were looking down and now I am not even sure..
Online has been good to me. GPTS (Get Paid To) in general have, but with the extra time I put in this month, I noticed that it is getting easier and quicker to make money online.
Thanks to everyone who has signed up for referrals, I hope you love these sites as much as I do :) I noticed that many of you have started earning money, please let me know if there is any advice I can offer or any help I can give you in anyway.

Cash Lagoon

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I Got To Admit It's Getting Better...

.. It Can't Get No Worse..."

Thanks to March being a longer month and my (tiny!) tax refund, my money situation is looking up. I still am so far behind that it is not close to being funny but things are getting better. I can honestly say that making money online has paid for my groceries in this tough month.. Cash Crate and Cash Lagoon are my stars still.. Cash Lagoon more so because they will even pay you a penny if you request it and do not take any paypal fees out. I noticed that many have looked at this page but not everyone has signed up... for those worried I can say I am the most paranoid person out there with giving my info online.. I even had my identity stolen several years ago!! But this site is pretty safe.. I only do free offers, and I started an email address just for this kind of stuff. I give them information when asked but if it is too personal (neevr give out banking information or anything), I will refuse to complete that offer. Like I said, they saved me this month :)

Cash Lagoon

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More on Cash Lagoon

This might be my new favorite out of all of the websites I belong to. They really do pay instantly via paypal. There is no minimum, I even tested it with a 4 cent payout. And sure enough it went straight to my paypal account. Really, really cool. :)

Cash Lagoon

Monday, February 8, 2010

As for updates on my other sites, I am still having success with Gangster Greed ( http://www.gangstergreed.com/?r=3747 ) but they don't approve as fast or as much as Cash Crate (than again, they payout whenever you reach $10 so in the end, it pretty evens out.. Cash Crate's biggest downfall is that they only pay once a month, and Gangster Greed pays with paypal)

I really want to find ways to make money online. It is near impossible to find a part time job where I live.. too many people are struggling without any jobs at all.

In an earlier post, I mentioned Cash Lagoon, they had added a lot of paid to click features. This is like a dream come true! They barely pay anything but do add up and are so easy and fast to complete.

Cash Lagoon

More about Referrals

I am happy to say that I logged into Cash Crate (see banner below) and saw that four of my referrals have made their first $10! Congrats! :)
For those interested in making even more money, every time one of your referrals recieves their first $10, you get a $3 bonus on top of 20% of their earnings and 10% of their referrals' earnings. Cash crate is easily my fave! (I still love the others but this one is an old standby) Referrals are a big part in your earnings. I am learning more and more about this whole process and it seems that while I have made money on the surveys, my earnings have more than tripled when I started getting active referrals. I appreciate everyone who signs up under my link. Cash Crate really is worth it.

Cash Lagoon

Okay, so I am now trying something new.. Cash Lagoon promises 24 hour, no minimum amount pay-out. Too good to be true? We will see.. I have heard good things and will give it a try :)

This is the banner for their site:

Cash Lagoon

I am going to check it out and see what happens. I will keep everyone updated! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey :)

Hi everyone. I just wanted to thank everyone who is reading. I hope some can relate to my blog and I promise to make the posts somewhat more interesting. right now i have been looking for ways to earn extra income, which is harder than ever in this economy. I am very grateful to have a job at all but it is so hard to pay my bills.
Within time this blog will be bigger and better so please come back and visit ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

bills, broke, budget,

I'm settled back at work.. still am interested in finishing my college degree, but right now am a bit overwhelmed with my debt.
Missing work had me fall behind.. well, that and other factors. I keep looking for a part-time job but it is so hard now because a lot of the seasonal workers for Christmas stayed on and they had first choice.
I am behind on everything, have to buckle down. I made a budget, cut back and still come up short.
Out of all the money making methods in my other blog, I am cracking down on Cash Crate. They do not pay the fastest but are very reliable and approve offers so quickly. If interested, their banner is below :)

But for anyone else going through what I am, the key is to take life one day at a time. Do not stress over something you have no power over. I keep telling myself that even though my bills are piling up, I am doing everything I can and am slowly paying them off. I really am. But until they are all paid, I can only do my best and I can only try my hardest.