Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just stopping by..

In a money crunch, I am working on cash lagoon (gotta love that instant pay-out!) and am relieved my cash crate check is on its way. :)

Cash Lagoon

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guess what came in the mail today!!

Another check was cash crate :) I love cash crate, they do not pay as fast as some but their offers approve soooo quickly and they do send the checks as promised. I took a pic of the check on my camera phone, which I will post here, as well as on cash crate's page. This really does work and the money really does add up. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about them. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Besides making money online, I have another passion..

I mentioned my other project, for anyone that is interested, it is a beauty related blog. This has been another passion in my life and right now my stuff is purchased with some of the money I make online, so they are connected :)

If anyone wants to check it out, it is

Have a great day!!

Cash Lagoon

Hello :)

Hey I know it's been awhile, things are crazy and I am about to start up another blog for my other interests :)
Things are still going well with cash crate and cash lagoon (see earlier posts). As always, let me know if you have any questions.. thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Both of my two star sites have payments coming on their way! :)
Cash Crate reset my balance to zero, meaning I will get another check this month.. and I cashed out with Cash Lagoon twice this weekend. I also earned enough points with Cash Lagoon to get a prepaid VISA card! So in addition to the cash they send to my paypal, I also earn points which can translate to prepaid VISA cards.. which, of course is the same as cash. So cool :)

Both will help so much! I put some time and really did some of the offers this weekend.. quick, easy, painless.

Cash Lagoon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things were looking up, than were looking down and now I am not even sure..
Online has been good to me. GPTS (Get Paid To) in general have, but with the extra time I put in this month, I noticed that it is getting easier and quicker to make money online.
Thanks to everyone who has signed up for referrals, I hope you love these sites as much as I do :) I noticed that many of you have started earning money, please let me know if there is any advice I can offer or any help I can give you in anyway.

Cash Lagoon

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I Got To Admit It's Getting Better...

.. It Can't Get No Worse..."

Thanks to March being a longer month and my (tiny!) tax refund, my money situation is looking up. I still am so far behind that it is not close to being funny but things are getting better. I can honestly say that making money online has paid for my groceries in this tough month.. Cash Crate and Cash Lagoon are my stars still.. Cash Lagoon more so because they will even pay you a penny if you request it and do not take any paypal fees out. I noticed that many have looked at this page but not everyone has signed up... for those worried I can say I am the most paranoid person out there with giving my info online.. I even had my identity stolen several years ago!! But this site is pretty safe.. I only do free offers, and I started an email address just for this kind of stuff. I give them information when asked but if it is too personal (neevr give out banking information or anything), I will refuse to complete that offer. Like I said, they saved me this month :)

Cash Lagoon