Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I Got To Admit It's Getting Better...

.. It Can't Get No Worse..."

Thanks to March being a longer month and my (tiny!) tax refund, my money situation is looking up. I still am so far behind that it is not close to being funny but things are getting better. I can honestly say that making money online has paid for my groceries in this tough month.. Cash Crate and Cash Lagoon are my stars still.. Cash Lagoon more so because they will even pay you a penny if you request it and do not take any paypal fees out. I noticed that many have looked at this page but not everyone has signed up... for those worried I can say I am the most paranoid person out there with giving my info online.. I even had my identity stolen several years ago!! But this site is pretty safe.. I only do free offers, and I started an email address just for this kind of stuff. I give them information when asked but if it is too personal (neevr give out banking information or anything), I will refuse to complete that offer. Like I said, they saved me this month :)

Cash Lagoon

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